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We looked into the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of successful attorney Robert Eric Wone. What was supposed to be a night with friends quickly turned sinister. 

Beware of stranger danger with this trio of spooky tales. This episode features the urban legend of Clara Crane, the "Candy Lady", perfect timing for spooky season. A listener sent us her story about her run in with the paranormal that may have stemmed from real true crime, The Farmville Murders. 

During the 1970s - 1980s, male Hmong immigrants suddenly began dying after days of not sleeping in a desperate attempt to avoid night terrors and sleep paralysis. The phenomenon became known as SUNDS (Sudden Nocturnal Death Syndrome) and later inspired the film Nightmare on Elm Street. In honor of spooky season around the corner, we're recounting some terrifying sleep paralysis stories.   

Sleep tight, Murder Lovers. 



Something a little more light-hearted in the wake of COVID, murder hornets, protests, mass fires, etc. Harry R. Truman (not the president) lived on Mt. St. Helens when it erupted in 1980 and refused to evacuate. Learn a little about him and his fate with this not-so-true-crime mini-history lesson.

Not sure if that’s what this murder is actually called, but these girls put Regina George to shame! Shanda Sharer was just twelve years old when she was brutally murdered... by a bunch of teenage girls. Young, dumb, and evil may be the ultimate understatement of the century to describe Amanda Heavrin, Melinda Loveless, Hope Rippey, Laurie Tacket, and Toni Lawrence. 

We're back with another Oregon classic featuring trench coats, homemade bombs, and firearms all at the age of 15. What could go wrong? Kip Kinkel goes on the war path after being suspended for bringing a gun to school, and takes his rage out on his family and classmates with a hail of gunfire. 

Imagine thinking you're being gifted a little nip/tuck only to have to pay for it... with your life. Michele MacNeill seemed to be clueless to her husband thottin' and boppin' around town with his sidepiece when he prompted her to go under the knife as a gift. When things go wrong, Dr. Martin MacNeill can't even be bothered to give her proper CPR. 

If we've said it once, we'll say it again: The husband did it.

July 30 is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons (aka Human Trafficking), so we're bringing you a special episode covering the biggest form of True Crime existing in our modern world. More people live in slavery today than ever before in history, yet the discussion continues to be minimal. Please use the resources below to learn more and get involved in this fight against Modern Day Slavery: 


Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn



Compassion First in Portland, Oregon



Child Rescue Coalition 



Operation Underground Railroad



Polaris Project



End Slavery Now



Slave Stealer Podcast 



Operation Toussaint (movie) 



The Abolitionists (movie) 



All links are non-affiliate, meaning we do not make any $$ off your purchases. 

They say don’t drink the Kool-Aid, but did Jonestown really take cyanide shots willingly? Jim Jones was the leader behind what was deemed one of the largest mass suicides the country had ever seen, but suicide implies willingness and... well, these followers seemed as suicidal as Jeffrey Epstein - and he didn’t kill himself either. 

Another installment of our Mindhunter series! We're covering an Oregon classic - Jerry Brudos, the Shoe Fetish Killer. He inspired one of the most uncomfortable and graphic scenes in the Netflix show, and the true story gives similar heebie jeebie feelings. This one will have you throwing out your high heels for some running shoes. 

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