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History class is now in session! Since the kids are out of school, we’re taking over as your humble instructors today and debriefing you on the attempted assassination of our 40th president. 

Breaking up your COVID-19 boredom with some hauntings, exorcism, and a ton of demons. Also known as “The 200 Demons House,” this Gary, Indiana home is known for being so spooky the last owner opted to destroy it all together. Settle in for some ghost stories, quarantining Murder Lovers! 

Need a break from the Coronavirus stress? We’re bringing you zero peace of mind with the most stressful (but amazing) survival story of Mary Vincent, who was brutally attacked by Lawrence Singleton at just 15 years old. As we always say, don’t get in vans with strangers. 

What do you get with an electric chainsaw and some blue paint? Basically the worst crime scene cover up ever. Dubbed a “love triangle gone wrong,” we’re setting the record straight on what happened between Daphne Wright, her ex Sallie Collins, and innocent (and platonic) victim Darlene VanderGiesen.

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that you’re not yourself when you’re hungry and off your meds. Vince Li proved bus rage is a real thing when he attacked and killed Tim McLean, but did the punishment fit the crime?

BYOBurgers to cookouts from here on out! Convicted child molester, possible serial killer, maybe a cannibal? Basically, this guy has the whole package. Beware of strangers serving up some suspect barbecue in their backyards, Murder Lovers! 

No, not the Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars. We have a story full of mistaken identities, murder, and too many coincidences. Did two neighbors with the same name in the same hotel on the night of this Portland murder really not know each other? You decide. 

Murder and torture and dismemberment, oh my! The Santa Fe prison riot is one of the most violent prison riots in history, and should be a lesson to all as to what happens when you shove as many violent offenders as possible into a building and then cut off any form of humane treatment. Spoiler: it didn’t go well. Buckle up for a bloody history lesson, murder lovers!  

Change your hair, change your life, right?

We should’ve know Jodi Arias was up to no good when she showed up randomly as a brunette. I mean, classic break up move - could she BE anymore cliché? We’re taking you down Jodi’s rabbit hole as she all but volunteers as tribute to be the main suspect in the murder of Travis Alexander. Hold on to your hair bleach, bitches.

Just as a general rule of thumb, don't copy Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn... ever. The Visine Prank is no joke, so the next time you're looking to get back at someone just send them an envelope of glitter instead. Trust me, they'll be vacuuming it up for years and you won't go to prison like these people. 

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